Raw-Pork Worms Only Like Real Coke

You’ve seen the videos showing how soda poured on raw pork evicts lots of tiny worms. Well in this double-blind, placebo-controlled “Raw Pork and Coke” experiment, we learn why it works for some but not others.

Seems to get the worms out, you need to ensure that you have a) cheap pork, and b) real Coke. The worms don’t do cheap soda. Not their thing.

See video… 

5 Replies to “Raw-Pork Worms Only Like Real Coke”

  1. What happens if you pour pork onto the worms do you get coke or does your experiment prove once and for all, that the relationship between all 3 isn’t symtriotic as was always believed and that this supposed scientific “ménage à trois” was all just a flawed flaccid fallacy.

    I think I need more pills.

  2. are you telling me that the worms can tell the difference between real coke and the grocery store brand?

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