Your Cube Neighbor Is Blogging About You

cubicle.jpgA bit off the subject of online video, but too good to ignore. My friend led a comedy troupe in college (and I got free admission and beer by videotaping). Now he’s in a cube, and has decided to blog some highlights of his loud neighbor’s phone conversations. The new blog is titled, appropriately, “A Lot of People Don’t Know That.”

Says my friend:

If you inhabit a cube, this blog is for you. This is a real person, sitting a real less-than-five-feet-from-me, saying real s**t (at near rock-concert level), who is real-ly annoying. If the readership increases, I may fancy it up, but the blog itself is currently small. I should point out, however, that these types of conversations have been going on for OVER SIX MONTHS, DAILY, before I opted to post them. So it’s only going to get larger. Much larger. Because this individual has A LOT to share. Do you suppose it’s a coincidence that everyone within earshot has not only purchased, but brought in noise-canceling headphones?

This is so media worthy. You can’t make this stuff up. Read about the cube mate’s taste for possum.

6 Replies to “Your Cube Neighbor Is Blogging About You”

  1. Why do the bbc always move their site around just when you need an old article? LOL Supposabley people blogging about their workplace (1/3 of American bloggers [don’t quote me on that]) are highly likely to get the sack.

  2. Just the fact that he named the 2 guys Billy Ray and Cooter have me sold. This shit is getting bookmarked.

  3. OMIGOSH, this is the funniest shit ever! I just gave you an incoming link. Now your authority has gone up in Technorati. LOL.

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