Consumer Divorces Advertising

advertising.jpgIn this very clever video we meet a woman personifying a consumer breaking up with her obnoxious husband, advertising. We catch this subtle analog because the actors’ shirts say “consumer” and “advertising.” It’s kinda like those editorial cartoons that assume you are clueless — so someone is illustrated holding a newspaper showing the headline the toon mocks.

But I digress. It’s still pretty funny and very accurate in its portrayal of the changing consumer and the dinosaur we call advertising. It also is funnier the second time when you can just watch some of the acting- good and bad.

According the ExperienceCurve, a trade marketing manager at Microsoft created it, and his blog is The idea was inspired somewhat by David Armano’s bit in Business Week titled It’s The Conversation Economy Stupid. You can actually download a Powerpoint that the creator used to pitch the concept internally.

7 Replies to “Consumer Divorces Advertising”

  1. Sure would be nice if you could just up and walk away from advertising! That’d be sweet. Like a magic button. “I don’t want to see you any more!” Heh.

  2. Lemme get this straight… Microsoft wants to pitch their digital advertising solutions… so they produce an anti-advertising advertisement under the thin veil of a blog with a clear disclaimer.

    How guerilla advertising of them!

  3. PC- I think this was MSoft saying “we’re NEW advertising not the old kind.” Plus I give ’em credit for being transparent about creating it (and not branding themselves in it). That being sad, that dude totally reminded me of a certain SMG salesman.

  4. a certain salesman? how about all of them.

    I give the creators a lot of credit too. I’d have liked to sit in the meetings with the big mahoffs when the lowly marketing geek tried to convince them it was a good idea.

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