Nalts on iChannel

ichannel.jpgHere’s the episode of me on iChannel. I play myself pretending to be the much-anticipated Mitch Morley character. I begged the team for a role because I think this show is an excellent example of a fundamental shift it entertainment:Low budget, great script and audience participation (I’m a klutz but the other guys have day jobs on Broadway). We’re going down a similar path with GooTubeConspiracy, and it was fun wrapping this shoot and watching the first-ever meeting ofthe two directors (Craig DiFolco does iChannel and Kyle Pierson does GooTubeConspiracy). They didn’t know it, but they live blocks from each other in NYC.  

It’s amazing to watch one of these iChannel episodes knowing what went into it. DiFolco, the director and co-writer, puts so much time into conceptualizing, coaching, camera setup, and editing. And he jams so much into 3-6 minutes that they breeze by. And the two main characters — i and his brother — are as pleasant as they are talented.

I know a lot of people that aren’t watching iChannel because they don’t know where to begin and have too short of an attention span to watch from the beginning. But here’s the deal- you can start with this episode. You’ll miss some of the context, but you’ll still enjoy it. It’s about a guy that is now surrounded by cameras, and deals with all of the psychological and philosophical nuances of leading his life based on feedback from an interactive audience.

It’s The Truman Show meets Twilight Zone. And it will be looked back upon as one of the pioneers of serialized online video content by amateurs… a trend with popularity that’s not on its way down, and not increasing slowly.

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  1. Wow… really well done. Was that ad-libbed? Outlined then ad-libbed? or was it scripted?

    What could be more senseless than Coat Hanger product placement!

  2. Have you actually tried eating a bowl of peanuts (with milk) with a coat hanger ?

    Thank god my wife loves me and my impressionable mind

    Loved the episode

  3. Craig came up with the concept and gently guided me. Then he’d give feedback and we’d do another take. So it was not scripted (or else you’d know because I can’t do scripted well). But it was also not total ad lib because of Craig’s direction. I’ve never really done videos with direction, but his style worked well for me cuz he was totally low key and encouraging.

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