Great Trivia on American Presidents

A classic video from ZackScott that gives us information about the American Presidents that you wouldn’t have learned in history class.

Zack is one of my favorite online comedians. Watch for the subtle gestures and timing between facts.

Is this hysterical, or is it just the Haldol in my meds? I need to stop buying from Nigerian pharmacies.

Author: Nalts

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6 thoughts on “Great Trivia on American Presidents”

  1. Personally, I prefer Xanax. Or Vicodin if I can get it. Can you add those two to your next Nigerian pharmacy run?

  2. Marquis- isn’t that great! I had to write to him. Oh- Xanax and Percocet are wonderful. I wish they’d mix ’em. Xanacet. Perconax.

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