12 Replies to “NewTeeVee: The Dao of Nalts”

  1. “…the book is still in the outline phase but his blog profile encourages readers β€œto nag him to complete the first draft.””

    Hey, Kevin when you finish that first draft can you take out the garbage?

    Book? There’s a book? I’m still trying to figure out when you find time to brush your teeth!

    Nice piece.

  2. I’ve seen Nalty after four vodka tonics… He thought he was superman and tried to fly around the restaurant.

  3. You know, I did remind you about that book last month. Shame, shame! I just had a short story published in a collection. Go buy it! It is called; “Rover, Get Off Her Leg!” I think you will like it. My story is about my daughter. During potty training, I was also litter-box training my dachshunds. Do you see where this is going???

    Anywho, have a great weekend!

  4. Congrats on the great article Kevin! Right, do the book, keep your epi pen with you, pick up your brother from the airport in a crazy disguise, tote around Nutcheese and Princess Diana around Philly, and you know..family and job and stuff. πŸ™‚ You must be pretty darn good at time managment, or else Jo is.

  5. Time management. That’s something I’ve been meaning on getting better at. When I have the time. Fortunately Jo keeps our household from exploding.

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