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I was passed over for YouTube’s ad-sharing “partner” program, so it’s time for more product placement videos. For $1K-$5K, Nalts will make a custom video that will appear on his popular YouTube channel and other online video sites. For details, see this video where Nalts “the video creator” debates Kevin Nalts the marketer.

How does it work? Contact me at the e-mail address in the “about me” page (use all caps in subject header please). Like I’ve done for Mentos and GPSManiac, I’ll ask about your product/service objectives then propose a variety of ideas. When you agree on a concept, then I shoot a short video that brings your product to life in a comedic and entertaining way. You pay only upon approved video, and we go through 2-3 edits until you’re pleased.

Hey- a guy’s got to make a living out of his hobby.

I can’t just video for food. It’s making me fat.

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  1. Oh, I also wanted to say that I really like the new camera. I truely enjoy your clips and I hope all your dreams come true.

    Nalts, Nalts, it’s not his fault.
    YouTube screwed him over.

  2. Nice work on the video – just a quick note (not to be misconstrued as know-it-all-ism) – in most video editing programs you can “feather” the masks so they blend together. I’ve used that feature in After Effects, and it does a fair job of decreasing the light differences at the center of the frame.

  3. Great Video, great concept and i cant wait to see the first marketing vids.

    Just to add to MC electric chairs comment. That fancy shmancy camera should have an option to set a “white balance” which, so long as the light in the room doesnt change, should stop any color changes as the subject moves around. I’m fairly sure you had it running on auto which is why when you got up and left the color in the room changed. davideo could probably tell you wehich buttons to push if you dont want to read the manual 🙂


  4. Haha, yeah, When i do this kind of thing the change of light is a beggar, on your new HD cam there should be a feature that locks the iris or F stop/exposure, (may also come under some gimmicky name like “light metering”) lock that to your indoor lit scene and then don;t introduce any new light sources i.e. opening doors, lighting cigars lol etc. and like Electric Elvis says feather your edges/masks.

    But i think for your first foray into that kind of stuff, absolutley awesome and as you go on and experiment welcome to the world of spending 40 hours on just a couple of minutes video.

  5. fantastic, the artist and the businessman, and a dig at youtube.
    Can’t wait to see laxatives sign up for a weight lose vid!!

  6. top rated today in all on youtube

    #1 Product Placement
    03:49 Added: 18 hours ago
    From: nalts Views: 3,673
    533 ratings

    #2 Being Mr Clean
    00:59 Added: 1 day ago
    From: nalts Views: 6,098
    393 ratings

  7. Wow. Thanks subscribers for moving me to the top! Thanks Jischinger for that detail- I think that’s a record for me… just checked the honors on this video:

    #24 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – All
    #20 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – English
    #2 – Top Rated (Today) – All
    #1 – Top Rated (Today) – Comedy – All
    #2 – Top Rated (Today) – English
    #1 – Top Rated (Today) – Comedy – English
    #22 – Top Rated (This Week) – All
    #9 – Top Rated (This Week) – Comedy – All
    #21 – Top Rated (This Week) – English
    #9 – Top Rated (This Week) – Comedy – English
    #55 – Top Rated (This Month) – Comedy – All
    #14 – Most Discussed (Today) – All
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    #13 – Most Discussed (Today) – English
    #2 – Most Discussed (Today) – Comedy – English
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    #27 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Comedy – English
    #81 – Top Favorites (Today) – All
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    #62 – Top Favorites (This Week) – Comedy – All
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    #47 – Most Responded (This Week) – All

  8. Do not fret Nalts; today Google announced its long waited revamp. A result of this change is that videos will start to intermingle in top search engine results and therefore your product placed videos will become more and more important. Also make sure you let people know how long the videos are going to stay up once they have paid.

  9. nalts,It looks like youtube is leaning towards the subscriber base when choosing its initial partners.i know you have tons of views but you have about 12,000 subscribers compared to happyslips 38000.They still should have chosen you,but youll probably be the first for round 2?

  10. It would be ace if when travelling in remote places these Youtube “elite” could be robbed “Robin Hood” style of their subscribers and then re-distributed to the talented or poor or needy or all four.

  11. If anybody here decides to start mugging the youtube elite and redistributing their subscribers . . . I may not be talented but I’m definitely needy and poor!

  12. Nalts does have more subscribers than some of the chosen “partners,” what I don’t understand is WHY did they passed him over?

    I’d also hate to see tubers start hating or resenting each other because of subscriber numbers, though it seems clear now that wasn’t the final deciding factor in picking partners.

    Nor would it be the entertainment value Nalts brings to youtube.

    Nor the lack of participation in bringing youtubers together.

    So, what exactly is youtube’s criteria for partnership?

  13. This being a viral and ad subscriber supported based industry the ethical thing to do is to disclose this part of their business practice.

    It’s the first bit that I thought was informative.

    And this one
    Fear and the responsibility factor.

    FTR, I have no clue who Trevor is.

    Youtube not disclosing how they choose their partners will only led to speculation. Like the level headed videos above it might make for some interesting drama, but it’s not very professional.

    Which should make anyone think twice about signing with such a company, regardless of the temptation and promises of money or protection.

    So did youtube pass Nalts over because of:
    Potential past copyright violations?
    Terse things he said in the past about youtube, hurt Chad’s feelings?
    Way too smart for youtube?
    Those kids are too cute, that can’t be real?
    That wife is too supportive, she can’t be real?
    His fans are dangerous, they possess psychic powers?
    He doesn’t have enough haters?
    We already have one white bald guy?
    (youtube fill in the blank)

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