Off the Ladder. Into the Street. But…

ssdsdsd.jpgIn this amazing Davideo clip, we see him narrowly avert getting run over by a car. It’s one of Davideo’s three entries to the Lucozade Energy “Lost Your Edge” contest.

You’ll need to register to vote, but it’s instant (no e-mail confirmation). Another good reason for a brand to not host its own contest site. They require registration to avoid manipulation (and to generate leads), but that probably is more than 90% of us will tolerate.

Davideo gets 10,000 pounds if he wins, and has promised to share the wealth with WVFF readers.

Davideo Design’s other two entries include a fist fight and a Storm Trooper battle.

4 Replies to “Off the Ladder. Into the Street. But…”

  1. I’m all for supporting quality videos in a contest but you’re right, that registration requirement is too onerous to me.

  2. I voted and would like to remind Nalts and Davideo that I am a regular WVFF reader

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