AOL Uncut: Technical Glitch or Faking Views?

AOL Uncut (AOL’s site for amateur videos) appears to be guilty of technical problems or fraudielent video-view counts. Content creators are recalling that months ago their videos were getting anywhere from 5-15,000 views regularly. Then some weeks ago the view counts were all “reset.” Now most of my videos are getting just dozens of views — and even the most popular video I’ve got on AOL Uncut has fewer views then I typically get in an afternoon on YouTube.

I know I’m not alone in this because I’ve spoken with other content creators.  What’s up?

6 Replies to “AOL Uncut: Technical Glitch or Faking Views?”

  1. Well, Ivy, tell AOL thanks for deleting 150 of my videos and erasing my account because it expired. Expired? Expired! I won’t be wasting any more of my time there. Your goodwill has expired.

  2. wow. not good at all for aol’s uncut video. its amazing that a well funded company like them still run into large problems that smaller companies with little to no financing run into but solve. i love seeing that.

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