15 Replies to “i Am Mitch Morely”

  1. Okay, NOW do I have a shot in hell of getting one of my comments into the I videos???? (Must think of something good. . . .)

  2. haven’t been watching, but now i’m intrigued… lots of good elements: viewer participation, good writing, shot well, acted well and they seem to be evolving.

    i tried to sit through episode 1 and couldn’t deal – too long, shots were drawn out, etc. I skipped all the way to episode 15 and kinda get it.

  3. The Nalts brigade is now taking over ichannel’s comments. Few people are actually posting responses to i, relative to the people talking about Nalts. 🙂 I tried to do a bit of both.

  4. I know somebody who lost her passport while out of the country. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Mike’s right about the comments 🙂

  5. By the way, Nalts Fans, May 12th is Nalts’ birthday.

    If I had the wherewithall, I’d set up one of those fancy video response thingies on Revver and YouTube and have people sing Happy Birthday to him.

    Instead, I’ll just put a candle in a bag of Fat-free Doritos with Olean and watch it burn…

  6. Is this “I like butter” comment going to be another one of those things I need nutcheese to explain to me on stickam? I am so old . . . .

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