Move Over Mentos & Coke. Pepsi & Pork is the New Soda Experiment.

Sure Mentos & Coke was hot, but here’s the latest fad. Pepsi & Pork!

Videos that show worms crawling out of raw pork when mixed with your favorite soda. Here’s one that popped on Metacafe and there is no shortage of me-too versions.

17 Replies to “Move Over Mentos & Coke. Pepsi & Pork is the New Soda Experiment.”

  1. In real estate its all about “location,location,location”,in viral video its all about “views,views,views”.So pepsi & pork isnt such a bad idea.Have you seen the ridiculous videos on youtube by a person called”casperjello”?.He/she has hundreds of 2 second videos of food,and on their youtube channel,they state:”my 2 second videos will rule the world!”…..wait until youtube starts playing post/pre roll ads with videos,and we are required to have a minimum video run time of 4 seconds,like revver does .Gee….poor casperjello….it was a great and mighty empire,but like the Romans,all things come to an end! 😉

  2. I saw a pork/soda video like that a month ago while eating a bacon, egg, and cheese. Haven’t had one ever since and I may never again.

  3. When I was a kids,one of my friends stuck a piece of pork in a sunny window and said, “Watch!” Within a few minutes worms started to crawl out the raw meat. I never ate pork again. Of course, cooking pork well will kill the worms, still there’s wisdom in eating Kosher and Halaal.

  4. I think posting a link to a hoax video doesn’t really constitute viral video news 😛

    Still, Nalts, I think you should do a video where you pour coke on all sorts of things/people to see what happens/grows out of them!!


  5. That’s nothing – if you pour good French Champagne on pork the worms come out clapping their hands. Seriously though…I poured Pepsi on a dork a couple of months back and he fucking hit me.

  6. tripplehelix, did you try using Internet Explorer? I use Firefox as my main browser and it wouldn’t load the site at all. I tried IE and it worked fine.

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