10 thoughts on “Spinal Tap Returns”

  1. AFAIC, Spinal Tap has always been too long, but I do like their individual work. While that’s loading, so I can skip through it, I’ll head on over and watch Mark Day’s shameless plug.

  2. Spinal Tap to me is like fingernails screeching down a blackboard.
    Guess you have to be on some serious dope to enjoy this stuff. No offense Nalts..

    By the way Nalts I have you featured on my blog for that awesome chicken video, a masterpiece!Check it out…

  3. Global warming is claptrap. Thirty years ago it was the new “Ice Age.” Liberals are lucky that morons have short memories.

  4. Shocking to see the ever-shortening attention span of the contemporary mainstream… “Spinal Tap too long ? Too slow”?!? Even in their late 50’s these are still some of the sharpest comedic minds working today. Even their throwaway gags are smarter than most of the dumbed down schlock that passes for comedy today.

    It’s sad to observe that Satire itself is evaporating on the comedy landscape. The “I’m Like” generation is so stupified from simpleminded video games, frat boy stand up, hip hop machismo and mind numbing fantasy that more subtle humor isn’t even registering on the collective radar.

    Sadly, Guest, Shearer and McKean seem to have been banished to the remotest fringe, where they await the next renaissance….

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