Veoh Goes with Brightroll to Support Ad-Share Model

A letter from Veoh:

In the coming months, Veoh will be launching advertising and revenue sharing with Pro Publishers. We are building our own advertising technology to suit the needs of our publishers and audience, but in the meantime, we have decided to investigate external possibilities.

Over the next week, we will run a trial with a company called Brightroll, to see if their technology suits the advertising needs of our platform, our publishers, and potential advertisers. During the trial, you may see post-roll advertising on your videos.

Anyone making money on Veoh?

Author: Nalts

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6 thoughts on “Veoh Goes with Brightroll to Support Ad-Share Model”

  1. I watched the entire movie Hard Candy on there a few weeks ago. It felt vaguely naughty and illegal but saved me a Netflix rental.

    Also, because I have the “family filter” turned off, every time I logged on recently I got offered lots of soft porn. Last time I looked, they now want you to click a few boxes that will better customize my browsing experience… you know what guys, I was fine with the soft porn.

    As for views, well, it’s been a while since they “featured” any of my stuff, and if I ever strictly impose some sort of “I will not post for less than a hundred views” rule, it’ll probably be the end of my Veoh visits.

  2. Veoh just invited me to be a premium publisher for my “Cube News 1” series, which has been kind on my ego…but I had to re-upload all my videos (27 of them) which means I am starting my views over from scratch. Money? what’s that? Honestly, I have no idea how that end of it is supposed to be working!

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