Nalts Does Webby Awards; Chicken Prank

My “Blackberry Crackberry” is an “official honoree” for the 11th annual Webby Awards. There’s not much else to say about this. Just credentializing because I’m hopelessly insecure.

Still, I posted today my favorite of my recent videos. It’s called “Chicken Prank.” Here’s the premise. A father forces his son to dress in a chicken suit and hand out fliers for his new fast-food chicken joint. The son is miserable and confides in potential customers that the chicken is horrible. The “candid-camera” style video showcased too interesting socialogical lessons:

  1. People will lie to protect a kid from a mean dad.
  2. Nobody seems to notice the camera if you put them in an odd enough situation.

I can boast about this video because all I did was create the circumstance, hold the camera and edit. Spencer (the friend of my nephew who is now a weblebrity after his “Farting in Public” video) played the son. And YouTube King Pipistrello played the father. Brilliant performances and improv on both of their parts.

7 Replies to “Nalts Does Webby Awards; Chicken Prank”

  1. The chicken prank was great. I just got home from school and had to watch it again. I’m a sucker for anything improv so I love watching stuff like that.

  2. Hey they posted the link to Revver for Blackberry Crackberry if you win you might actually make some cash on the traffic.

  3. Pipi’s on the featured list.. In the category’s column 😛 I’ve been told I’m on the featured channels on the home page today or tomorrow 🙂 Mia’s so kind, she half completed my request lol

    How they didn’t see the camera is quite shocking…

  4. The Blackberry Crackberry is one of my many Nalts favorites. Great Video. Congratulations!

    Pipi makes one scary dad, was he ever into construction?

  5. Blackberry Crackberry is definitely worthy of it’s recognition – congratulations.

    The Chicken Prank video is my favorite in the ‘Spencer’ series so far. As far as the camera goes, in that video you can see that people are aware of the camera but I don’t think their immediate first conclusion is that the whole thing is a prank. Possibly they just think it’s someone shooting a home movie?

    Although there’s so much coming at them at once – particularly when Pip starts interrogating them (he looks pretty scary) that maybe they just don’t have time to process all the events and reach any kind of conclusion as to what’s really going on beyond what the set up appears to be?

  6. Nalts… you never fail to make me laugh. Spencer is awesome too!
    Oh.. and Blackberry Crackberry is one of my top 10 all time favorite viral videos.

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