Eefoof Now VuMe

vume.jpgEefoof changed to (“view me”). Company has Revver-like ad sharing model but never really worked out for me or others I know. If you’ve had any luck making money on Eefoof or VuMe please comment.

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  1. I havn’t even had success on revver… I need $20 It’s hard enough trying to bring in 50 cent a month.

    How am I going to feed my poor helpless children?

  2. How in Christ’s name can someone like VuMe pull in the traffic it would take to pay anyone at this stage of the game?

    I mean, seriously, I’m just asking.

    When their graphics guy was designing the little “make it, post it, profit!” thing… when he got to “profit” was he laughing, crying, or a bit of both?

    And, uh, sorry for dragging Christ into it.

  3. vume still has the same static ,no-paying ads they had months ago,and they had an overheated cpu caused by a dead fan,im not joking,just follow my link,its on their front page.Also,you cant turn off comments and anyone can put any “tag” they choose on your media.what a friggen joke!

  4. Vume is a joke imho. Why on earth would they launch the site and show a half dead programmer talk about how much work they put into it. For all I care it looks like they put about a weeks worth of work as its no where close to what I was expecting. You would think they would do more with the $225k angel fund they received late last year. Best of luck to them.

  5. Hey guys, I’m the half dead programmer. Thanks for your input on the site. We did have an overheated CPU, it’s a resource intensive site, and we had a big flux of traffic – fairly common growing pains of a new site.

    The community tagging system means that media gets tagged accurately. The top most common tags per media are used as decided by the community.

    Surprising as it may seem, it does take longer than a week to develop a media sharing site from the ground up. Several in fact. Nor is it a finished product…if that’s even possible for a website. We’re constantly striving to enhance and improve.

    Keep checking in and watch it grow and you may change your mind about it.

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