Ketchup Contest

ketchup.jpgWhat do you do when you hold a ketchup contest and about half of the entries are from one guy? Here’s Heinz’s YouTube site, and here’s the gratuitous contest site the agency presumably convinced the brand to build (equiped with auto-rolling video- ick).

Still, it’s a good brand for a contest, isn’t it? Who can’t have fun with ketchup?

We should buy Heinz by the gallon the way my kids ingest it. And of course I would no more buy another brand than I would dare stray from Morton’s salt. Can you imagine eating generic ketchup or salt? Life’s too short for that.

14 Replies to “Ketchup Contest”

  1. 1. I buy Trader Joes Organic Ketchup
    2. All the people on the website are way to good looking to be submitting videos to this contest
    3. Got to give the agency credit they brought in search marketing into the mix
    4. Heinz has shown they are willing to use humor and are open up to contests all the way back in 2003/4 they had a contest to write some of those funny labels we all see on the shelf
    5. One of those labels was WILL WORK FOR FOOD

  2. Nalts, don’t you have a video with you eating some nasty sandwich made from Heinz products? Always thought it was funny since eating nasty stuff made from random ingredients is always funny.

    As for ketchup, it is possibly the single greatest thing ever made. It makes anything that tastes like shit taste not bad.

  3. I’m guessing by the time the August deadline rolls around, there’ll be some stiff (read: professional) competition.

  4. This idea ain’t bad. It saves them a tonn of TV advertising costs. Instead their relying on this ‘I could be rich’ idea. They convince people to make videos about their product, knowing that these people will show their product in their videos. The people that watch that video see what their doing and mimic. Soon it’s just a video version of ‘word of mouth’.

    I bet you, if you made a product and put it on sales in stores, then if you came onto youtube and put a 2k price up for someone to make an advert for you (2k for an advert aint bad). That product you were putting up would sell.

    Sorry if this made no sense what so ever, I haven’t been awake at this time for a long while.

  5. I think nutcheese should submit her “ass-wax” video and tell them she used heinz for that one too.

  6. None of these contests let Canadians participate. If I make a video and you submit it as yours would that be wrong? It’s not like I’d win but I’m missing out on all the fun!

  7. Did anyone else enter this contest over the weekend only to find they had no idea whether or not their video was accepted and entered properly ?

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