Thanks, Revver

revver.jpgWow. I’ve been so busy with YouTube that I almost forgot about Revver. And when I popped by for a visit, there wasn’t any “where the hell have you been” guilt. In fact I found myself at the top of the featured creators. Thanks, guys. The link appears to be down currently, but that’s part of Revver’s magic.
In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, Revver shares ad revenue with creators. If I could somehow get the views I get on YouTube with the revenue from Revver I could probably start digging my way out of debt.

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  1. “If I could somehow get the views I get on YouTube with the revenue from Revver I could probably start digging my way out of debt”…….I hope they arent planning on using adsense ads,then you/we will be even deeper in debt!

  2. So Kevin, how has being the top featured creator translated into earnings for you at Revver? How much? Inquiring minds want numbers. I have been making $2 a day for the last…..oh, sixty days.

  3. “I have been making $2 a day for the last…..oh, sixty days.”……. revver has probably been making $20 per day on your videos,and u had to do most of the advertising.Dont worry,thats all about to change with youtube!

  4. “Most” of the advertising? Far as I know, I’ve done ALL of the marketing of my stuff. My mom’s leaky foundation slab eagerly awaits Youtube funding. Can’t come soon enough!

  5. I just want to say that I go to revver to view you guys and I click ads- If youtube starts paying you I’ll watch you there.

    Anyone see the renetto’s latest – what do you think?

  6. Jischinger- I guess I have you to thank too. Marqui- I think I’m doing about half of what you’re doing. Maybe $100 in the last paypal? I stopped looking because it was depressing me. That said, it hasn’t been my focus. The effort to promote my stuff was consuming me. So lately I’ve just focused on creation and hope that something better would materialize.

    And NO I didn’t know Micki left!!!

  7. Yeah Thanks Revver yeah mmm…

    Anyway speaking of virals and things, A while back there was a British film out called 28 Days Later that did pretty ok, theres a sequel about to be released so a marketing team sprayed some London streets with some fancy bio hazard logo to promote the film alas they forgot to register the website name that goes with it, bad viral or what, the chap who spotted these hastily graffited logos did register it tho haha.

    Look at ….talk about viral gone wrong, mega goof.

  8. Yes you have been up there for quite some time. Congrats Mr. Nalts. Can I just apply to be your assistant and I would have let you know sooner! LOL

  9. Davideo, he does look a little golum đŸ™‚

    On a side note, nalts, you actually have a head that can pull off the bald look and it looks pretty good.

  10. So what is bigger, renetto’s head or a 4H Club pumpkin? There are no rules on YouTube – it’s a tag team free for all. Truth (waaa, my wife is a crackhead and we’re separated), lies (i’ll sign a contract to fight hellionexciter)…Paul Robinett uses them to his advantage. Nobody is making $ on YouTube? Mega LOL.

  11. After watching the out takes I kinda like renetto now. You made him look like a pretty nice guy. So now I’m confused, who or what is the real renetto?

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