Will Ferrell and His Toddler Landlord

ferrell.jpgWith mixed emotions, I tell you that the viral-video scene just got serious. My comedic idol, Will Ferrell, showcases his ability to jump backwards on the video-to-tv/film divide. I’m thrilled to see him set a higher bar, but candidly worried about a new breed of competition.

He and Adam McKay appear in this hysterical video that depicts Ferrell as a mop headed slouch that’s behind on the rent. As if that isn’t funny enough, his landlord, Pearl, is played by a wonderfully articulate girl… who is maybe 2 years old?

This is one of the funniest videos ever — if you don’t mind watching a toddler curse. If I did this I’d get about 500 comments accusing me of exploiting my kids.

This video debuted on “Funny or Die,” a new site where comedians can get plucked from obscurity based on your votes of their work. Give it a “funny” and it lives, give it enough “dies” and it fades away.

Welcome to online video, Will. Can I be an extra in your next feature?

Author: Nalts

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23 thoughts on “Will Ferrell and His Toddler Landlord”

  1. Oh I saw this a few days ago and just loved it. Yes if Will wanted to steal youtube and the rest of the video sites away he could do it pretty easy! Come on Nalts you in one of his movies? Then you would steal his Thunder!

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  3. I saw this last night and couldn’t believe how hard I was laughing. This shit was like watching Will back on SNL. Something about it reminded me of Frank The Tank from Oldschool for some reason. Maybe it was the yelling.

    He shouldn’t be a problem for you nalts when it comes to internet videos. He’s made 1 and you’ve done over 300…I think. Now, if you were trying to get into acting, well, the man has a tad of a head start on you in that department. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. There are a few wannabe “talent spotter”/contest sites that are all about “you bring the traffic, we’ll give you exposure to… um… the traffic you’ll be bringing.”

    I’m not going to mention any by name here.

    I don’t think Will’s site will have that problem – it was so busy that they weren’t accepting downloads earlier.

    And it’s pretty well documented that all of Hollywood wants to be in the Will Ferrell business.

    However, sustainable business or hastily scribbled back-of-a-business-card pitch? (It’s YouTube + Will Ferrell! It’s WillTube! Or FerrellTube! Whichever sounds funnier…)

    The name – Laugh or Die – seems to encourage a degree of hostility to content that leaves the average YouTube hater looking cuddly by comparison (and yes, my clips were voted off the island pretty damn quickly…)

  5. Maybe it’s because I knew the joke before hand (with the whole two year old landlord thing) but I just didn’t find this all that funny. Sure it’s a cute kid but I didn’t really find her cursing funny. Will’s way better at comedy than this clip demonstrates.

    If this is a sample of celebrity viral video then I think you’re pretty safe.

  6. Well we all knew youtube wouldn’t stay “community” forever. Now that google bought doubleclick and anything making the news includes the word youtube the big guns are going to be making their way in on the scene – Netscape vs IE 1996. There will be all kinds of other irritating opportunities. Good? Bad? It depends on your preferences. I suppose both. However, I think Nalts has his nitch on youtube and is part of it’s history and legacy. All Nalts really needs is money, an agent and time. I think if he keeps plugging away that will happen. Iโ€™ll call it Reality Funny or Funny Reality. Fox did it with drama, itโ€™s a hit!

    Do you think Will Farrell watches Nalts? If he does he should say something like, “Man I digg your stuff! Say, I know this guy…”

  7. I saw this yesterday, and while looking at the site noticed that blunty’s “circle circle” video was on there under a different user name. I emailed blunty and asked if it was him and he said no.

    So watch out nalts, somebody may rip off one of your videos for this site too.

  8. I caught this a couple of days ago and passed it around to the folks in my office. Personally I almost wet myself from laughing.

    This is a great piece, but you know as I was watching it, it did kinda remind me of Nalts’ stuff. Has Nalts set the bar for funny viral videos?

  9. Am I the only one who hates that site? I hate that Mr. Power Bags is able to come in and take over viral videos. He’s a major movie star. Is his dick so small that he needs to show the world he’s better at internet video making too? Of course he is. He’s got all the money in the world in which to do it. And I do not for one minute buy that the “Immortal” videos are there legitimately.

    I did however like his video. Love his movies. But I don’t appreciate his ejaculating all over the rest of us.

    It pisses me off!


  10. Oh…. one more thing… I did have three videos on there that were “Walking Tall” in the Top 100 when I removed them.

    That tit wasn’t a bitter comment because our videos failed. It just seemed like a huge waist of time given that content producers don’t make a dime.

  11. the toddler landlord is really funny… kind of cute, and very funny. And the idea of a new comedy “youtube” is pretty good too.

  12. I could watch this over and over again. It’s that funny. Yeah— like most, I was concerned about a toddler cursing, but I was more in awe that she spoke as clearly as she did. What a funny, funny, funny way to depict a druken old,but young landlord name pearl. Everything was perfect from adam saying he had to go, to pearl saying come on mommy. This was brilliant and original in my book–this world needs all the laughter when can get. Hit me up pearl if your looking for new ideas…

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