20 Replies to “When Will Nalts Get Arrested?”

  1. I’ve never seen you do anything worth arresting, Law Enforcement Officer, and big Nalts fan speaking. I assumed you paid for the fries. Don’t know all the laws in thes state where you live, but you might want to read up local ordinances, and check on laws for commotion, prowling and always respect wishes of places and people who ask not to be filmed. Good luck Nalts, thanks for the comedy!

  2. Wow. The cop and skycap reactions were great… they had this kinda, “hmm… i assume if he becomes a security risk he wouldn’t attract so much attention to himself. Plus, we know we can catch him.”

    Don’t take Spencer to the airport!

  3. Nalts, you’re too nice to get arrested. Sorry, but you’re just not bad boy material.

    Jumping the shark? The day you buy a leather jacket and a HOG 😉

  4. I predict you’ll be arrested the next time you try to board a plane, because that prank last week probably put you on the terrorist watch list.

  5. uh oh! We went from talking about the F word(fries),to the T word(terrorist),now they’ll be watching you for sure nalts! :-O

  6. Some reason I think you would be able to talk your way out of anything as long as it isn’t streaking in town or something. Pretty sure there’s no way of talking your way out of that if you get caught.

  7. That was the Denver airport?

    I’m suprised I didn’t recognize it… : P

    I guess a lot of airports look similar.

    If you do get arrested, make sure someone catches it on camera 🙂

  8. Hmmm…maybe I should stir things up a bit and do an overdub of you insulting Allah. Mightn’t get you arrested but it’ll certainly get you Fatwa’d. You might have to cancel that Iranian package tour you and the Missus are planning.

  9. I think we have to watch out on July 8, 2007…That’s when you said you would be arrested =P

  10. After the newest Spencer video, I don’t think you’re gonna make it another 3 months….

  11. I hope you become very famous and never get arrested!!!! I could have died laughing at Spencer running from the cows. There is no law or regulation stateing no crawling thru the airport , or how would a baby locomote if they are not in a stroller? Really, how about crawling thru a major train station, shoppng mall, museum? Maybe Spencer should be looking for a prom or bridesmaid dress with Katy? Dress shop can’t deny to sell……Have Jo along for validation….

    In short…love you Nalts, love you WifeofNalts, Katy, Charlie, all the kids. I look forward to my YouTube Saturday mornings!

  12. Your shark-jumping moment will be when you start filming viewer’s ideas. Keep it original. Once or twice is cool, but keep it your own. You’re a funny dude, and if you have to, take a break from the camera to get fresh again, just don’t sell out.
    HOWEVER….actually jumping a shark…….kidding.

  13. Nalts is going to jump a shark??? Why? Oh that will most likely land him in jail! Why would an old man like Nalts want to jump sharks anyway I thought the only people who jumped sharks were old boring sitcoms NOT NALTS!

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