First Poke

icecreamcone.jpgGrowing up in a family of 7 (5 kids) I learned two things. Eat popcorn very quickly or there will be none left for you. When a new carton of ice-cream is opened, you have to move fast to be the first poke.

The 2007 version of the ice-cream “first poke” is the strange pride people get for being the first to comment. We saw this occur with every single video by the late ZeFrank (God rest his soul).

Since YouTube has a lag or cue on comments, there are usually a few people that think they’re the first.

In this funny video, courtesy of TheDailyReel, we see Casimir Nozkowski “flex his dramatic muscles as that guy you just wanna punch: the FIRST poster.”

8 Replies to “First Poke”

  1. The whole first thing is really annoying to me. Visit and every post has 3-4 people trying to get first comments. They don’t even comment but just put FIRST OMGZBBQWTF!!11!!!1ONE!!!1ELEVEN!!11!. So god damn annoying…

  2. That video by Casimir was hilarious. I especially liked, “Am I doing Satan’s work – definitely.” Not sure why “First” is such a great thing – I think it means you have even more time on your hands to waste on YouTube than I do.

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