Online Video Gender Gap

berman2.gifThere are more women online than men, but men watch more online-videos than women. And when men watch videos, they go for news, user-generated videos and TV shows. Women, according to the research, prefer news, music videos and entertainment.

For more details, read this story by WebproNews that cites eMarketer, InsightExpress and

7 Replies to “Online Video Gender Gap”

  1. I think whoever did this study left out porn. That should make up for a huge percentage of the videos that men watch online. This is why you can’t trust studies.

  2. Wasn’t that the reason the internet was made? Not to give you information about any topic in seconds and a place to meet new people but to give horny men the opportunity to watch hot looking women have sex 24/7. At least that’s what I thought the internet was all about. 🙂

    On a serious note, how could sports videos not be towards the top of the list for men? Just about every guy I know visits sports sites on a daily basis just for sports videos. Maybe sites like ESPN don’t count because there aren’t any user generated videos there. If that is the case aren’t sports just another type of news?

  3. side note: I was just thinking yesterday of all the people I subscribe to and watch, 50 total, on youtube – 4 are women, guess three, 1 child and the other 45 are all men.

  4. Edie, I agree… clearly the results are offset by the lack of porn in the list.

    not only did they leave out porn, they left out Shoes… which is really just porn for women. Yes, yes, there aren’t a lot of shoe video sites, but if there were, you’d see the “Females viewing Shoe Videos” numbers skyrocket.

  5. Hahaha… One of our live shows was called “The Shoe Show”
    I should film some of those sketches and get them online.

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