Free Ticket to “Consumer Generated Media”

I’ve heard so many brands talk about the importance of “Consumer Generated Media,” yet so few doing anything interesting. For the most part, brands have established little billboards far removed from highway exits. Why not get on the highway, guys? Fish where the fish are (to used a tired cliche).

I blogged in January about HappySlip’s Mac song. I couldn’t believe Apple didn’t jump on one of the most powerful marketing opportunities available. Sponsoring an Internet superstar. They still haven’t.

Then I saw this video by Christopher Mast (one of my favorite “up and coming” YouTube creators). Christopher is commenting on the controversial subject of “video blogging,” and sadly the video has a tragic ending.

What would it cost Rayban or another sunglasses manufacturer to respond to his joke and send him a pair of shades? Or maybe J&J to send him some bandages?

Sending free product to video creators with established audiences is an absolute no-brainer. Want to find out who’s creating buzz? Look no farther than the people that have YouTube subscriptions.

And I’m not just saying that as a creator that wants free stuff (although we both know that’s a bias here). As a marketer by day, I have to point out…

There are people with significant audiences that will delightfully plug your product at virtually zero cost. Why wouldn’t you jump all over this?

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  1. While they’re at it, perhaps Ferrari International should give that dumbass Eddie Griffin a new Enzo Ferrari. The videos of him crashing that sweet ride have probably pulled in over a million views. Of course, that would be like $1.20 a view…

  2. I think part of the problem is the way advertisers have been doing business.

    If they do invest in one person and that person cracks up or says, “Ya know what? After thinking about this product it actually sucks!” the product is now tainted.

    Remember the Country Time Lemonade man?

    That’s why it’s important that the people they send products to or pay should be wholesome and stable and under contract.

    I think the actor’s union also has something to do with average people being spokespersons.

    Nalts, you need a union card and an agent!

  3. It seems that all these big companies feel this whole “Viral Video” popularity isn’t going to last long so why even bother with it. Seriously, I don’t see why they wouldn’t send out some small things like a hat or t-shirt to a few of the top creators and see what they do with it. Most commercials today suck anyway so why not let people that are actually creative plug a company’s product a little.

    I’m fine with it just as long as video creators don’t begin making videos where the first 10 secs of every single video they make is a plug for some product like vagisil or depends just because they sent the creators some free tubes and adult diapers.

  4. Commercials are not entertainment, no matter how entertaining. Using YouTube to sell products is as legitimate as using USA Today. If a company can get folks to produce ads for them on the cheap, then they will do it.

  5. So Nalts… Mentos gave you a big supply of giant Mentos.
    That video is so funny. It’s an advertisement next to one of our videos
    on and I couldn’t be happier.

  6. YouTube does produce a great audience but most visitors are looking for funny films not adverts.

    Most of the advert films do not get watched all the way through.

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