Lily Tomlin vs. “I Heart Huckabees” Director

edithan.jpgThe New York Times reports that this ‘I Heart Huckabees’ outtake is the “talk of of YouTube.”

The video clip from the filming of the 2004 existential comedy directed by David O. Russell surfaced on YouTube and several gossip blogs last week. The 2 1/2-minute video shows the actress Lily Tomlin expressing her frustration at Russell, who retaliates by sweeping papers off the desk in front of her, kicking a part of the set, and knocking a lamp to the floor.

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11 thoughts on “Lily Tomlin vs. “I Heart Huckabees” Director”

  1. “if at first you dont succeed,keep on sucking until you do succeed!”…..a quote from the 3 stooges 😉

  2. The woman cursing left and right is Lily Tomlin, a comedian if I remember correctly. She’s famous for sitting in a big ass chair and giving her opinions of things as if she was a child…I think haha. It’s been a while since I watched those but I remember watching it when I was little. If anyone has seen the movie Orange County she’s the guidence counseler that mixed up the main characters transcript and he doesn’t get into the college he wants to go to. The grey haired guy is Duston Hoffman.

  3. wow, well, I saw the movie, but I don’t remember it. In the end it looks like who ever she was angry at got back at her. tempermental actors, eh? I wouldn’t want to be in her way when she’s angry

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