Serialized Online-Video Drama Gets Facelift

new-logo-frame-copy.jpgRegular readers of WillVideoForFood will recall that in December a collection of online video creators began a “participative video storyline” called GooTube Conspiracy. Initially this included a random plot based on comments and videos posted by the YouTube community.

More than 75 videos were created by random people on YouTube that had never since interacted. Some of us got together to shoot videos.

The story is now in the dependable hands of Kyle Pierson, who is a washed-up actor who fetches ketchup for a living. Kyle has turned a viral video series into what looks pretty close to a television show, but uses a cheap camera and an old PC that burns out when rendering. See the latest teasor here. He’s even given us a new logo (above).

The plot remains subject to the community, but the production values have increased, as Kyle (unlike Nalts) goes for quality not quantity.

For season 1, see the 76 videos in this playlist. For season 2 (currently underway) visit this GooTubeConspiracy channel on YouTube.

Author: Nalts

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