Largest East Coast Gathering of YouTube Community in NYC on 07/07/07

Hundreds of YouTube users will converge upon New York City on July 7, 2007. YouTubers held several live eventsstatue.jpg on the west coast, and I posted this video on February 23 to announce the 7/7/7 event. PodCasting 101, who helped coordinate registration at the west coast events, quickly assembled a number of passionate members of the YouTube community to plan the NYC event.

But then (as good movie trailors say), another faction emerged. Cory “Mr Safety,” who led the west coast events, announced plans for a 7/7/7 event in Australia. Then changed it to Philadelphia. Then a team announced a different NYC event (see video) on the same day as the original one. Then Cory resigned from the group. Here more of the drama in this video.

So after 2 weeks of trying to get these separate factions to cooperate, I’m putting my attention into promoting the team led by Podcasting101. Naturally I plan on doing as little work as possible to actually plan the event. Check Podcasting101’s website for event details. Or check out the new “ITubeNYC” YouTube channel for videos about the event, and observe the wild social circus that surrounds it.

Note to self: stick with making videos and blogging, and avoid trying to organize a physical event for a virtual community!

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  1. It really is a cooler logo than the one for “One Ass,” er, “Asmodeus,” uh, I mean, “As One.°

  2. We really should all try to meet on the same page again, with certain people out of the way, and some of those people changing the way they are acting to save face, I’m sure we can come together….*pause* *dramatic cut* AS ONE.

    heya send me your skype to

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