Pandering for World Domination

cockpit.jpgAcademy Award Winning Viral Creator, Davideo Designs, today released its latest creation called “Pandering for World Domination.” Davideo actually hasn’t won an Academy Award because the stuffy academy is still to friggin’ artistic for viral shorts. Maybe the Golden Globes? Oh they’re music, aren’t they?

In any event, I can’t say I endorse or understand the political messages. But it was fun for me to watch for a little Easter Egg he put in for me. Nalts appears somewhere in this clip. Can you find it? I’m moderating the comments now because of excessive spam, so that will help ensure you aren’t cheating.

14 Replies to “Pandering for World Domination”

  1. I was about to say, why stalk you if Davideo has won an award. There’s a whole film industry for short films. GAH! I can’t see it till I get home.. Can you delay the competition till I get home in 6 hours time?

  2. That rocks – and I am a woodblock Republican. I caught Nalts on the bridge speedway….

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  4. Second billboard on the right hand side we see your face and you are holding a phone. You are on the overhead billboard and on the side…what do I win?

  5. Gotcha! Red banner while they’re driving down the road at about the 47-48 second mark. What do I win?!?!

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