11 Replies to “I’m Kinda a Big Deal in, Um, Denmark”

  1. wow an english interview on an danish(?) website. Umm I feel left out with no mention, only to be put in the ‘other youtubers’ category. 😛 Only joking… I think I’m gunna set up a random account and start hating to see how big-a following I can get.

    Btw that large picture of you made me stop and stare… and realize that you really are going very bald on the top… Soon you’ll look like my granddad. 😛

  2. It says Nalts comes from New Jersey and the author Benny had a date with Kevin this week. Oh, and Kevin gave him an interview.
    The rest is in English

  3. According to Babel Fish, the translation is:

    This week had to hold the Moon author Benny Blaschyk the unique opportunity an interview with a very well-known YouTube user named Kevin Nalts from new jersey.

    Whatever that means

  4. Hello, it says:
    Benny Blaschyk from Moonmagazine, had this week the uniqe opportunity to have a interview with the very well-known YouTube user named Kevin Nalts who lives in new jersey.

  5. Um, Nalts, I hate to play the geographical nazi but it’s a German (Deutsch!), not a Danish website 😛
    Even without knowing the language, Internet oldtimers should know what different top-level domains mean – Denmark has .dk and Germany has .de.
    Quickly, fix the thing before a German comes along and gets angry in the comment section :>

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