11 Replies to “Good Summary of Copyright “Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. the uncool brother that got his new puppy all wet by a waterballon thrown by his cool dressed-up-as-a-nun brother?

  2. Yes, yes, yes …. it is difficult …. I like the comment of Andy … but as Daniel said “most of those points are pretty straight forward and should help the average blogger”.

    Keep on Rockin in a Free World!

  3. I’m trying not to laugh because the videos have to make me laugh. I wasn’t clear in the video, but I’ve just to clear that up in the comments. Basically the video has to force me to laugh, meaning there is nothing I can do to stop. The laughter must be beyond my will to hold back.

  4. Quick comment:
    1 Re-write these laws in favor of the break even creative artist. The happy medium.
    2. If corporations start dragging the little guy into court for infringement, they will also drive people underground. See Pirates Bay and Sealand.

  5. “Incredibly unfunny Zack Scott”? (broken link, by the way) And he has a video collection on Youtube of the “least hated Nalts videos”? Uh oh, I hope this isn’t the beginning of a gangsta-rap style feud between you two…

  6. http://wontlaughatanythingbecausehesucks.com/ LMFAO! I think some one told me he’s actually laughed.

    I went through all my old videos removing my famous lip sync video and a few others. I actually tried replacing the audio to the lip sync video, it didn’t do it justice, nor did it work.

    I deleted all my oldest ones, which was around 5-10 videos. I still have all my old blogs #1-10 which I kept as I don’t want to delete priceless history… One day they will be expensive tripplehelix originals.

    If only Mia would go through every single one of my videos and tell me which I should delete (hopes).

  7. My simple rule is this: Don’t use copyrighted material in your videos unless I feel I can defend against its use by citing Fair Use. That’s just what I personally go by. This means no copyrighted music unless I’m talking about the song, and no copyrighted images unless I’m talking about the image.

    Examples: I used a Paris Hilton Burger King commercial in a video while mocking the commercial and Paris Hilton. I believe this is fair use and would be willing to defend my position. I’ve also allowed music that appears in the background of where I’m filming. I’m not sure how this is fair use, but I think it is.

  8. Nalts revver used to keep you honest with your music beds…seems like as you have gone more YouTube focused you did what everyone does on YouTube break copyright law….here is another source of music and sounds that you can use without having the copyright police getting all mad. Just give the guys a little credit.


    Hey Nalts this site ring any bells yet?

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