Try Getting Your Stupid Online Video Aired on Primetime

The folks at Room 403 Productions are seeking short (3 minutes or less) videos to be aired on primetime television.

room403.jpgNamed after a room in the Gloria Swanson Bldg on the Paramount’s lot, Room 403 Productions was founded by David Hurwitz and Paul Cockerill who met working on The Arsenio Hall Show. Hurwitz was Executive Producer on NBC’s Fear Factor, and worked on Comedy Central’s “The Man Show.” Cockerill was West Coast Head of Production at MTV where he embraced the hidden camera genre with the improvisational series Buzzkill. He also served as Executive Producer of England’s #1 comedy series Trigger Happy TV on Comedy Central and was Supervising Producer of ABC Late Night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

I don’t know these guys, but when I heard “Trigger Happy TV,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Man Show,” I almost hand delivered them my videos (it seems “Viral Video Genius” caught their attention even though he’s such an ass).

What are they after? Funny, fun, witty, cool, physical, silly, comedic sketches, pranks and shocker videos. To be part of the network comedy variety show pilot, send your video URLs with contact information. I recommend sending them your 2-3 favorite clips. And to win favor you can send them videos (not files but URLs) of other creators. Write to:

If the producers feel it’s a fit, they’ll contact you for additional information and arrange to receive a higher resolution file. Good luck.

9 Replies to “Try Getting Your Stupid Online Video Aired on Primetime”

  1. Oh- did I mention they want you to send one Nalts URL for every 3 of your own?

    And, yes, Jischinger… I’m sending them lots of clips of The Daily Show and telling them it’s me.

  2. Think if I send them clips of The Office and tell them they are videos of a documentary of a mocumentary that I made? Don’t see how I could lose seeing I’ll have Steve Carell, Raine Wilson, and Ed Helms as my actors.

  3. “I’m sending them lots of clips of The Daily Show and telling them it’s me”

    According to the contract you signed with youtube it required!

  4. 1. what is the name of the show and when will it air?
    2. are they going to run viral video genius?
    3. can you recommend videos even if you don’t have one of your own to suggest?
    4. If the answer to #3 is yes, which of yours would you most like to have us suggest?

  5. Sukatra- no details. I think they’re pitching the show and are assembling content. They are planning to run viral video genius and maybe have him do some commentary on other videos. But it’s all just talk right now.

    You can absolutely recommend videos even if you don’t have some. I was teasing about recommending mine. Mine suck.

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