What Video Site Pays Best? blip.tv Winning on Mashable Poll.

What video site pays you the best? Visit this post from Mashable for details, and you may see blip.tv winning by a long shot. The focus is on the raw $ per views. Keep in mind that I’d take a significantly lower payment per view (average seems to be .05 to 1 cent) in exchange for lots of traffic. Even if I was paid $1 a view it wouldn’t do me much good if the video was never seen. And since I’m no ZeFrank I need the site to help me get exposure.

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This one courtesy of Klim.

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  1. It looks like Zefrank has either

    a) jumped from Revver to blip


    b) is now hosted by both.

    This may be a moot point as the Zefrank show ends next week. But in one of his most recent videos he talks about Blip “taking over” the sponsorship “duckies” he offers on his site, and offering it to other users “soon”.

    The duckies, in case you haven’t seen them, are more than a PayPal button, less than a “full banner”. They’re uniform…. well, ducks. That, if you mouse over them reveal who sponsored them. Not sure whether I’d got the comfort level to just ask people to “sponsor” in that way (presumably they’ll not be duck shaped in their next incarnation…) and Blip isn’t really a “destination” site so much as a hosting one (I suspect that anyone paying for a ‘sponsor button’, for want of a better word, doesn’t really want it tucked away on your hosting site….) but I thought I would report this, none the less…Blip continue to slowly but surely impress, rather than scramble for attention…

  2. Sorry for not including credit info… didn’t think about it.

    But I might as well take the offer, so credit me as the name and link of this comment. Thanks.

    — then you can delete this comment —

  3. Thats funny,youtube was actually down,so i came here,lol.I’ve never recieved a cent from metacafe,or bliptv.So id say revver is winning,but i read an article where Chad Hurley of Youtube says they “could generate far more money for users than other sites have done.” I assume he means more per user instead of a combined amount.what do you know,i found the link to it,enjoy!

  4. I like blip more than revver, sorry revver. Not that I make any money at revver, probably not much at blip either, but it’s so hard to upload and takes so long to get approved and then sometimes I’m approved and other times I’m not and then I reupload it again and it’s approved…. A few glitches here and there at blip, but no where near the hassle I’ve had at revver and I like the interface more at blip too. I’ll leave my stuff there for now and I’ll still watch Nalts, MDC and MDJ on revver and youtube, actually if you pay them more I’ll watch them there exclusivly, but I’m done uploading to revver.

  5. I took a look at blip and ran a few searches to see if any of my content is suitabel…. and the first thing I noticed was how rubbish their search is lol Im not sure if people are just randomly tagging their videos, but I was getting such random stuff.

    Does the advertising on there pay per view or per click? Im gonna stick with Revver and see how this per view thing pans out, it sounds like its pretty soon around the corner.

  6. From what I read blip is working and adding things, how that will all wash out, hard to say, but it is easier to upload, the videos look pretty good, though I like the ability to condense via youtube, and I received a very quick and polite response to my questions. Revver has never written me back, never.

    Per click on Revver? How will they deal with that in terms of scripts and proxies?

    I hate to bash Revver, but it just hasn’t worked out. The videos I have on blip have 5 times more hits than any I’ve ever had on Revver.

    but the day my stuff is on CubeBreak is the day I know I have hit the big time!

  7. I upload all my Revverized (spit) videos into Blip (via the Revver (spit) QuickTime download) so that I get a clickable Revver video inside a Blip video with a Blip external ad. Two chances for income per video. Plus the resulting Blip embed code seems to work so well in my Myspace blog and MySpace bulletins.Plus the Blip automatic archive /delicious / technorati /blogger posting.

    Your trouble with Revver (spit) uploading sounds EXACTLY like my constant and blood pressure-raising hassles at Metacafe (puke).

  8. Oh, and I get 5 to 10 times the views on Blip that I get on Revver (spit), but the Revver (spit) folks tell me that is because Revver (spit) only counts video views where the viewer watched ALL the way to the end of the video and implied that other hosts count it as a whole view if the viewer watches the first few seconds…

    …having said ALL this, I’ve made $5080.00 on Revver (spit) and nothing from any of the other so-called revenue sharing sites.

    I write spit after Revver (spit) because the bastards broke my heart when they just up and gave up the revolution.

  9. So far it doesn’t seem that there is any company that will give a user generator a good shot at earning income.

    Look at the scenario: Obviously how much money your video makes depends on a lot of factors, but LR used the following criteria: “if the video sharing site gets 1 million hits in one month, books $100,000 in total ad revenues, AND your content on that site gets 10,000 page views and helps serve $5,000 worth of ads, how much would you earn?”

    How many UG’s can reach that amount of traffic? And for what? A total of $2500 at the high-end? And that is only from BlipTV.

    Qoof.com is looking to make it easier for UG’s to earn real revenue w/o relying on so much traffic.

  10. Heey Marquisdejolie so what you saying is you can upload your revverised vids to blip and then you still get paid from revver and blip too or have you not earned anything on blip tv yet.

    This sounds like a great potential, if i get in b3ta soon i will embed a blip.tv vid on my site which has a revver quicktime vid as its source and then get twice the revenue or have i got this all mixed up.

  11. I’m no psychologist, but I have to wonder after winning the hot boys contest by a landslide he then puts on a nuns outfit and start throwing water ballons. What’s it mean? Is it all the presures of fame?

  12. I have a hard time thinking that youtube is going to “miss the boat.” Personally, I like youtube more than any other site I’ve been to, despite it’s shortcomings. For some reason, it just has more of a community feel, imo.

    Of course, I’m not exactly a viral video genious who’s able to capitalize on viral videos like some of you guys, so….idk. From what I’ve seen, though, it seems like people get the most views on youtube, and then they make websites or share videos other places via revver to make money 😛

  13. I’ve found a pretty cool site for tracking your video views on multiple sites. It’s called TubeMogul.com
    Signing up is painless and you can quickly get a chart showing views over a date range for one or a group of you clips. Right now they are tracking YouTube, Metacafe, myspace, yahoo and revver.
    These guys have just started up and are looking for feedback, so this is a chance to help them get on the right track.

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