Did He Joost Her in the Kazaa?

joost.jpgThere’s only one thing funnier than the news that Skype, Kazaa and Joost founder (Janus Friis) was caught trying to enter the mile high club on a recent flight from London to LA (source: Valleywag). We are downgrading Joost from “strong buy” to “hold” as a result of this news, and the fact that I had to hunt down my own trial pass. That said, you should never, ever take investment advice from Nalts.

It was this comment by someone listed as “ChiefCynic“: “Did he Joost her in the Kazaa.”

That’s an Onion headline there, friends.

Post script: Big thanks to the WillVideoForFood rock star readers for helping me secure a decent lead on the semifinals for Valleywag’s Hot Blogger. As long as one of the other guys doesn’t do a pity appeal to their readers/viewers (so low class) then I should make it to Monday (March 12) finals. Vote here. And if you want to see a really, really funny video about my “beg for vote” prostitution, see Mark Day’s latest bit. I’ll be more prominently featuring it on Monday as I make my last plea for votes.

11 Replies to “Did He Joost Her in the Kazaa?”

  1. YEY that means my video response to his video response will get views!

    I love skype, zazaa don’t wok on the mac and I’m not a member of joost. This article is quite interesting though as I’ve never actually known the name of this guy before.

  2. Janus Friis is a little reckless. Let’s face it Kazaa wasn’t exactly on the up and up. But, just how reckless is this guy, that’s the question. He has it all at the tip of his fingers, I hope he doesn’t let it slip . Definitely a work in progress.

    Props to Mark Day!

    Kevin voting ends Sunday the 11th.
    “Voting will run through this week and conclude at noon Eastern time on Sunday, March 11.”

  3. Very interesting. But to be honest it is probably still a hot stock unless he makes the cover of the “RAG grocery” Store mags, but then hey if that happens the stock will go through the roof! Just don’t take my advice!

    This is my favorite blog!

    jischinger how do you get a picture icon up???

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