Will Beg for Votes

vloghot.jpgSo I’ve made the finals of this Valleywag poll. Can you spare a vote? I think it would be really funny if I won because, well, I’m not hot. Shhh. Don’t tell my wife. I think I have her fooled.

No need to acknowledge whether I’m not or not. I’d prefer awkward silence.

Oh- and so that this post not appear completely self serving, vote for HappySlip too!

16 Replies to “Will Beg for Votes”

  1. Got my vote even though I don’t think any guy is hot…well maybe Brad Pitt but I know at least 5 other guys that will agree with me on that so it’s ok.

  2. Ouch, just noticed this London guy is from geekspace. Trust me, he’s got numbers and plenty of them. Going to be a rough one for ya nalts unless you get the voting power you had last round. Good luck man.

  3. yes yes nalts is hot oh so hot yes nalts is the hottest thing around vote nalts yes nalts hot vote nalts for the hottest of the hot hot boys nalts is the hot nalts will win big hot boys nalts hot vote hot.

    Actually, Josh Shipp won last weeks, feh, he may be a “positive” guy with A LOT of money, but hot? no way!

    And they put him in for this week too, is that how this things works? Well, he’s losin’ to Nalts and the geek guy who’s web site doesn’t even feature him, what gives with that?

    59 votes? time to put Patrick to work again or a happyslip endorsement, she’s the bomb.

  4. Sorry, Nalts, looks like you’re still running second in this race. Guess that makes you just lukewarm vs. a hottie …

  5. From close 2nd to dead last.Get Charlie in on a video appealing for some votes. I know he was in the last one but it was for only a second. The kid may have more fans than even you do.

  6. I was just gonna say… Nalts this isn’t looking good, I think these guys are stuffing, this might require some Florida type politicing.

  7. Wow, from last to 2nd over night. I see that video is working.

    Get ready London, you’re coming for your ass…

  8. Dude, it won’t let me vote again.

    Also, you need to do a more explicit Charlie-pimp video for this because you’re behind by 36 votes.

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