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zackwelcome.jpgYouTube recently launched a new feature where new members have the option to subscribe to featured creators. YouTube provides the video creator with an e-mail alert, and many creators have decided to create “welcome to YouTube” videos. None have been as funny as this parody done by one of my favorite online creators, ZackScott.

Zack uses his moment with new YouTubers to provide a parody of how to use YouTube. Claiming to be the most popular YouTuber in the past 8 years, Zack encourages new members to make long videos packed with jump cuts. He reminds them that they can submit, but must first provide a 200-400 word explanation for their video and send it to him. And he shows how his cat video got more than 1 billion views. All the while he delivers the video with a straight face as the rest of us giggle like stoned teenagers in Church.

Author: Nalts

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18 thoughts on “Welcome to YouTube”

  1. I can’t wait till someone does as he’s suggested. It would be hilarious. Sadly this subscribe as you register feature is total poop. I was once on this high podium.. During my discussions with Mia about my guest editor thing. I think she’s shoved me on there so I don’t complain when she comes round to telling me that my 2nd lot of videos are rubbish.

    I have had these ‘new’ sign ups for about… I don’t know… 1 month. I haven’t noticed a single change in the number of views or comments I’ve had on my videos. As everyone complains about after being on the sign up page… Their all just dolls. Some of them make a few videos, I have to admit to going through 800 subscribers to see who was actually active.

    It’s lovely to see someone making videos beating their peers up or finding a subscriber that’s only been used to abuse someones profile. I think the idea is 100% poo poo, if someone whats to subscribe I would prefer it if they chose to rather than being told lies. Look, since when was I a popular youtube? I had like 300 subscribers before thins, gained about 800 but none of them do ANYTHING!

    Rant over…

  2. Oh I had no idea that was real. I heard pipistrello talk about it and of course Zack Scott but I thought it was just them playing around. That is super cool!

    But makes sense if people are not watching it’s not worth it. Ok how do I get added to this list??? LOL

  3. Zack – I admire your ability to speak so eloquently for 6 minutes straight in front of the camera without a teleprompter.

    I can’t talk that long.

    Okay, I can, but not eloquently.

    Loved the comment about Nalts promoting birth control. LOL. 🙂

  4. I saw this and am curious — how did he get the screen to show a billion views for his cat shredder video?

  5. I’m another one complaining about the useless new subscribers I got from being featured on the sign-up page. It looks impressive to some that I’ve got nearly 2,000 subscribers, but the reality is I barely have about 500 semi-regular viewers.

    And, from the comments above, I see I’m not the only one that has had to do multiple rounds with Mia about my choices for “Editor for a Day.” I’ve just about given up on having a list accepted.

    Hold on… that gives me an idea for a video…

  6. Hey nalts,have you tried the “audio swap” feature on youtube? Its killer! and so easy to use too! i believe the artists and record company get paid each time the video is viewed, not me,but at least its free music for my video.I left a link to my “reverse timelapse fireworks”video,i swapped the audio with a song called”metalingus”by alter bridge,pretty cool huh,later dude!

  7. I like that audio swap except that you have to wipe out your previous score entirely. I’d prefer to rip and have the song in the background since I don’t make too many music videos.

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