Vloggers Deathmatch: Save Micki

Mickipedia’s Micki Krimmel (Queen of Revver) is losing “The Silent Air Guitar Challenge” deathmatch. If you love online video, you have a personal responsibility to vote for her. You can watch her entry, but it might just confuse you. Just vote for her. She won’t spend her winnings on crack.

That being said, if you’re pressed for time just vote for Nalts on Valleywag. No bots voting. That would be cheating and I can’t, given my stature as a prominent blogger, advocate that.

4 Replies to “Vloggers Deathmatch: Save Micki”

  1. that was a little too weird for me, but out of them all the one I was least embarrassed for and thought was the most clever was Micki, so I voted for her.

  2. Ok, Kevin, I put my votes in for you, Christine, and Micki. Any other voting thingies out there I missed?

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