HappySlip’s Stapler Goes for $872 on eBay

happyslip-ebay.jpgThe Happyslip stapler (and headshot) I “stole” from her apartment has fetched $872.00 on eBay to benefit CanineLifeline.org. Congratulations to Johni D, a Canadian collector of autographed head shots. I hope he doesn’t toss the stapler! More importantly, thanks to HappySlip for sharing her likeness to benefit animal rescue.

Here’s the video of the stapler heist, and here’s the video where my son is persuaded to release it to CanineLifeline and take a tax deduction.

Trivia for you… HappSlip (Christine) actually found her dog, Blossom, in a ditch almost starved to death in a small town called Blossom, Texas. The area is known for people abandoning their animals. Blossom had fleas, ticks and worms, and the vet wasn’t sure Blossom would make it… and that was 11 years ago.

Author: Nalts

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5 thoughts on “HappySlip’s Stapler Goes for $872 on eBay”

  1. Hehe, that’s awesome… Can’t believe you got that much for it though. I guess all the HappySlip stalkers helped to raise the price over 500 dollars.

  2. Wow HappySlip should start thinking about opening a canine rescue and selling more of her pics!!! she will be rich overnight!

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