Crackberry Video on BBC

crack.jpgI’ve sent a fair number of my online videos to networks but rarely ever see them air. Fortunately someone caught this BBC report about Blackberry Addiction, and tossed it on YouTube. It includes random clips from my Crackberry Blackberry. It’s really funny to see my stupid parody contrasted with English commentary about how Blackberrys impair judgement and make you walk into doors.

14 Replies to “Crackberry Video on BBC”

  1. Btw that was in two parts, you’re not evil becuase you posted it… Their kind to you because they didn’t take the rip out of your video 😛 Just be glad you wern’t on the usual news.

  2. hehe Nice to see good ol’ English news getting a post on this blog 🙂

    So Kevin, you know nearly everyone in this country pays the BBC over £100 a year for the content?

    …dude, they can afford to pay you SOMETHING!

  3. Haha. I loved the music in the background – it’s heartbreaking, really.

    I kept waiting for the 1-800-BB-ADDICT number for donations, or the official announcement of a BB rehab clinic.

    Or both. 🙂

  4. That’s so funny! I love the Beebs for its ability to mix serious reporting with hilarious clips (yet manage to keep its credibility!)

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