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  1. 100th Comment!

    “Ya down with O T T ya you know me”

    What media co does he work for? From his image it looks like it might be the Adult Media Industry. (No offense if he happens to produce Dora the Explorer)

    20 some odd percent have OTT in the US? I have never even heard of this!

  2. “What media co does he work for? From his image it looks like it might be the Adult Media Industry.”

    hehehe, what does that tell ya? All these movers and shakers, makes you long for little house on the prairie, don’t it?

    I listen to these guys and none of them have a clue what‘s going on, they’re just waiting to see who hits the right button so that can jump on it. But the net is fauve and they don’t know how to tame it. I think what they are missing are two thing, IT reliability and loyalty, brand loyalty. Until they learn how to “sell” that again corporations aren’t going to toss money at their programming and people aren’t going to trust corporations again until they put the American consumer, rather then the stock holders and CEOs, first.

    One of the best commercials I’ve seen on the net was Nalts eating the Kelloggs cereal. When I went to the store I actually looked for that stuff and I‘m not a big box cereal fan. Do a market research find out how many Nalts fans bought Kelloggs after watching that video. If people trust you they will listen to you and buy or at least try what you are selling.

    Maybe that’s the future – corporations dealing directly with the performer, no more middlemen. The advertising lobby isn’t going to like that.

    Any word from Kelloggs yet Nalts?

  3. see I’d buy any of those if you did an ad, well maybe not the flea powder, not sure I’d know what to do with a rhino pak or have a use for the gun oil, but software, I’ve heard of!

  4. You know I’m still waiting for Kelloggs. The irony is that when I did a post about dieting they read it and promptly sent me a package of the vitamin water and cereal bars. But the cereal ad? Nothing.

  5. I’ll send you a bag of Fritos.

    Nalts put the Kelloggs back up see what happens. Ask people if they would buy this product cause you like it, test your market.

    And who is this wineo guy who thinks your videos stink, I want to see what this guy thinks is good. Sounds like he’s either jealousy or drunk to me.

  6. Make a video about your stinky video hater… you’ll get like 4000 people on his profile telling him he’s gay… and please 😀 Any food will be nice 😛 I’m starving!

  7. I have seen old ads from the 1950’s where they made the ad look homey and the person talking talked to you not at you. Those kind of ads really got me I liked those (i’m not old enough to have even been thought of in the 50’s but they are cool) now adays ads are just shouting at you to buy buy buy.

  8. Which stinky video hater? I get so many.

    Tripple- thanks for the tip on BBC. Second- I’m working with a startup that is looking to solve that exact issue. Connecting creators with advertisers. Stay tuned!

  9. I think haters are stupid. Unless they bring something funny or profound to the table they are probably perverts too and I keep a bottle of anti-bacterial soap around for those guys.

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