Life Beyond YouTube

Wall Street Journal writer Walter S. Mossberg writes today about the world beyond YouTube. Says Mossberg, “…YouTube is sometimes seen as synonymous with the Internet video revolution, there is a lot more to Web video. In fact, some of the most interesting video on the Web isn’t even the type of stuff that’s most popular on YouTube — short, one-off clips.”

Mossberg is pointing to the proliferation of serialized content (which, parenthetically, is where we’re going with GooTubeConspiracy).

Says Mossberg: In various corners of the Web, people are producing real, episodic TV shows, including news, drama and comedy — sometimes with real actors and professional production values. Some of these longer-form, episodic shows are called video blogs, or vlogs, but others simply call themselves shows. Instead of lasting just a few minutes, they can run up to half an hour. These programs have more in common with regular broadcast and cable shows than with those emailed clips.

Mossberg’s favorite is, which hosts a collection of serialized content, and also helps creators attract funding, sponsors and advertisers.

His favorites:

  1. Goodnight Burbank,” a comedy series about the squabbling that goes on behind the scenes at a local TV news show.
  2. Alive in Baghdad,” news reports from Americans and Iraqis on how the war affects average Iraqis.
  3. Cube News 1” is a series about life in the office cubicle.

15 Replies to “Life Beyond YouTube”

  1. Yes the GTC fits well in this category. Although, i have not produced for GTC as of this writing I love the show. I am actually just intrigued with where it is going!

  2. First comment!

    Ha, I’ve always wanted to say that. It’s the “shouting Freebird at a concert by anyone other than Lynyrd Skynyrd” of the internet.

    Anyway, do indeed rule. I don’t have much else to say on the subject but it’s nice to see them getting noticed.

  3. GTC is my favorite online video serial. I like that they’re not 1/2 hour, completely scripted, segments, and the interactive nature of it makes it that much more addicting. Oh, and no, I’m not just saying that because this is your blog, Kevin. 🙂

    I was already subscribed to you, before you started it, saw the first one, but then with holidays, and such, I ended up skipping over them, because I wasn’t sure what it was, and didn’t know if I would like it. After the holidays, I saw a couple of the later one’s, and laughed so hard, that I went back and watched everything up until that point, in one sitting. It took almost 2 hours, but I enjoyed it, thoroughly, and am now hooked!

  4. Hey tripplehelix we all have lives beyond YouTube the problem is we are all filming in those times for some video that is on our to do list! LOL Hey let’s have a youtube exchange program. I’ll live in the UK for a month and you can live in the states! (closer to nalts)

  5. Ooh, that would be nice. How far would I need to travel to get to him? Btw I’d like to talk to you about an intro song I need. It’s either you or chudnovski, but as you can sing aswell I take that as an advantage.

  6. Tripplehelix shoot me an email – and as for living near Nalts he is on the east coast and i’m near the west coast (arizona) but nalts is coming to my house this year for a birthday party so come out then! LOL (i’m kidding about nalts coming well he doesn’t know yet anyway!)

    P.S. Nalts sorry for using your blog to communicate with T.Helix

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