Community of Interest Around Content

gy.jpgAccording to “Always On,” MIT’s Henry Jenkins says that the success of YouTube is from the “creation of content around communities of interest.”

It’s not voyeurism and xhibitionism, he says. Or individual self display or expression. 

And social networking, says Jenkins, is here to stay. In this short BeetTV clip, Jenkins talks about online video, and the constant proliferation of alternative social networks. (Courtesy of Jim Walker, MindPalace).

3 Replies to “Community of Interest Around Content”

  1. I think it has to do a little with voyeurism. Not like sitting in a tree outside someones window but sitting at your desk looking at people. They don’t know who exactly is looking at them but people are. I think it’s a human trait we all have to look at others and see what they might be doing and trying not to get caught while looking at them. Some people just take it way too far and get off on it.

    Then again this guy is from MIT and I’m barely staying in college.

  2. I agree with maxed. I remember checking out webcams as early as ’95-’96. Zoo cams, traffic cams, cams of tourist spots, and even personal (but not naughty. I’m not that kind of voyeur, plus, you had to pay for those!) cams – the cat cam was one of my favorites. Only the professional ones were streaming, so you only caught an image every 30 seconds, or so, but it was interesting to get a glimpse into other people’s lives. Viral video is just an extension of it, and it’s taken it to a whole new level.

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