Video Hoax: Getting Google TV Invitation

infinitesolutions.jpgThere was part of me that wanted to send you to Infinite Solutions without revealing it as a hoax. It’s much funnier that way. But I didn’t want to be responsible for any readers beating their head against the wall trying these video tutorial tips out.

Mark Erickson provides fascinating technology tips that don’t really work, but delivers them with deadpan credibility. So I’m guessing that the majority of the people that watch this Google Television tutorialare now logging in and out of Gmail… over and over.

It’s a compelling proposition: a sneak preview at on-demand television via Google. You’re probably going to try it just to be sure.

14 Replies to “Video Hoax: Getting Google TV Invitation”

  1. Ok so I signed up for the Google Television. It took me only 6 tries!!! But the only TV I can see are Nalts videos!!!! I am going to have to watch it again I think I added a space to the url link DARN!

    LOL cool stuff!

  2. I saw this yesterday and thought about letting others know but then I remembered that this was coming from the same guy that said you can boost you’re wi-fi using a cell phone. Oh, and his minesweeper video. I think I tried that one for a week and finally gave up.

  3. I think this one is on par with making someone watch “Badger, badger” and telling them that “the best bit comes at around 3 minutes in…”

  4. I had spoofed his video making a “finite solutions” had gotten over 100 4/5 stars… made me get the 20 or so subscribers I have now. I ended up accidently deleting the video, and don’t even have the original anymore 🙁

  5. Vero- you gotta post the badger, badger one. I missed that.

    Tripple- the thirty minutes you’re referring to was you trying to log back into gmail over and over wasn’t it?

    Nick- that sucks. I’ve lost a few videos. Stupid hard drives.

  6. Infinite solutions is a god send. We used to have very poor wireless coverage, but now, I am browsing your blog almost a mile away from my house. I simply had to wrap both my cell phone AND macbook battery in cat 5e cable and the speed increase is unbelievable. We only pay for 8mb internet but by following the Infinite solutions tutorial, we now get at least 16mb.

    (Oh and btw, the badger badger thing has now actually be updated!! it really does get awesome at about 4.5 mintues… )

  7. Thanks for blogging about me, Nalts. I returned the favor in the News section of my site.

    Nick, sorry to hear about the lost video. You know how much I liked it!

    And thanks to everyone who has good things to say about Infinite Solutions. Look for new videos soon!

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