Fight Videos

ouch.jpgRegular WillVideoforFood poster, Liam Gooding, has created a site dedicated to fights. It’s called Fight-Vids, and he’s got a blog on the subject as well. Mind you I haven’t watched all of his videos and I avoid fights because they generally hurt (“I’m not like other people- I don’t like pain”*). That said, I suppose it’s better to watch them than participate.

Liam probably has discovered a niche in combining humor, fighting and risque material. It would appear like there’s a boundless appetite for this content. If you agree, visit his site. If you disagree, track him down and pummel him.

* Daffy Duck

13 Replies to “Fight Videos”

  1. Lol, Make sure you click the link to my blog from his!

    “Iโ€™m not like other people- I donโ€™t like pain”
    Don’t worry, I think and hope were the majority.

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