Save Me from Embarassment?

valleywag.jpgDear readers, I don’t ask much from you. Free blog, no advertising. But I need your vote for the Valleywag “hot boys” contest. I’m getting my ass kicked. Not that that there’s anything wrong with losing one of these. It happened to Micki Krimmel.

My ego just can’t handle losing by a landslide. That would be almost as humiliating as the photo they selected.

Here’s the deperate plea video from Patrick (my son). I didn’t put him up to that or anything.

28 Replies to “Save Me from Embarassment?”

  1. Ask and ye shall recieve! 413 some odd votes!

    And thank you Marquisdejolie for doing some PR work for me!!!! (message #13 up above) THX!

  2. Can’t get myself to hit submit – Schlomo is so dreamy…

    Kyle’s right about WifeofNalts, she’s da bomb. Of course, if you go back to the Nalts archives, you’ll learn that his wife and children are actually hired actors.

  3. You tricked us into voting for pity!

    You’ve got 426 votes, a mighty 73.7%! Not even clear on who the other chumps are, but I’m sure they’re nowhere as entertaining as you are. 😉

  4. Seriously- I had 10 votes when I started begging. I should have saved my plea for the next round. At which point I post a link to my new Nalts Nation theme song.

  5. If you win you need to video yourself and the Vlog Hot Babes winner hanging out at the YouTube 7.7.07 event.

  6. Since your winning this round by a land slide hows that ego doing? We better get some type of video regarding this when it’s over. GO TEAM NALTS!

  7. Nalts is Sexy. In fact, I think nalts should remake “I’m too sexy” with himself in a mesh top. Ummm… I definitely voted for nalts and I’ve been part of the nalty nation. It’s quite a good nation.

  8. It was a tough call between you, and pzottolo, but I did vote for you, since Patrick asked so nicely. 🙂

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