Viral on Veoh

viral.jpgEpisode 11 of “Viral on Veoh” features Host Sunny Gault in Philadelphia. I missed seeing her live, but she include moments of my recent “Mall Pranks” (aka Mall-licious) at the end of the segment. Thanks, Sunny.

The show’s pacing has picked up dramatically. This episode moves at the speed of light.

9 Replies to “Viral on Veoh”

  1. veoooooooooooooooooooooooh.. That did seem to go fast, and haha very cool your video was on the credits, it still cracks me up when you say “Which one am I? Fat or ugly?” and that girl just opens your mouth up so big in shock haha.

  2. Cool stuff. When you start peeling back the layers, there’s so much low-tech video out there being used effectively to promote businesses and people. This is an exciting time in online video. Thanks for sharing the clip, and I’ll have to go find that Mall clip – looked funny.

  3. That one is in my top 10 of all time. It’s the one I use to introduce Natls to people on the web. It relates on so many levels. From the bored husband shopping, to the loud mouth on a cell phone, to the guy who knows how to embarrasses his wife in public. And it’s just plain funny!

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