Bid on HappySlip’s Stapler and Headshot On eBay

happyslipstapler.jpgIt’s the biggest eBay item since the Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary. Bigger than Britney Spear’s hair being auctioned!

The stapler I recently swiped from HappySlip’s apartment (see video) is now on eBay.

Click here to bid on the stapler and autographed picture on eBay.

As you’ll see from this new video, my son reluctantly gave the stolen stapler to his friend Nate’s mom — Denise Bash. She founded, a group that provides food, equipment, resources and funding to animal rescue groups. So auction proceeds will go directly to save abandoned animals and bring them to homes like yours.

Thanks, Happyslip for the stapler and autographed head shot. Christine gratiously sent the stapler (which I had not really stolen, for the record) and her brand new headshot. Here’s her post about this.

Let the bidding beginnnnnnn…. Hurry. You have until March 3! Act now before finds out about this.


19 Replies to “Bid on HappySlip’s Stapler and Headshot On eBay”

  1. Over a week to go, and this $1.50 item is already at 100 times it’s value! Somebody needs to get in touch with to bid this thing into the stratosphere!

  2. I was hoping Goldenpalace would come along. Certainly would show the world they’re hip to “new media” buzz in addition to ghosts and grilled cheese! Last I checked the bidding was up to $355. That goes a long way with animals.

  3. Is goldenpalace still around, after the big, “online gambling” crackdown? Mr. Safety lost his sponsorship, with them, right after that happened.

  4. So I went ahead and just messaged them on E-bay just to joke around. The message I sent was, “Does the staple come with extra staples? Also, how many staples are in the mini staple?”

    She/He replied ” I’ll buy you staples. There is only about 12 staples left b/c Nalt’s son Patrick shot them all over the floor.”

    Hope they really didn’t take me seriously. 😀

  5. So tell me , how is it that stealing is now a good thing ? Look at the message you are sending to kids. It’s OK to steal as long as you put it on e bay and use the money made for a good cause. If that’s the case, then go on and steal Happy slips Car or better yet her Computer. Source of all her videos. Yea…you could get A LOT of money for that!!!

  6. Dude, ludwig 222, I’m sure the kids know that stealing is bad. I mean come on they are in on the joke. It’s not stealing if happyslip gives it to them. If you can’t see that then you really be, ugh no comment.

  7. Yes the Actors are in on the Joke, My point is The kid seems proud the dad stole the stapler. And the Mom does nothing to tell the kid that stealing is wrong. A little kid watching the video is going to think “ok it’s ok to steal as long as you give the money to a good cause.” (even that point is not well defined) but he could think that.
    Where do you draw the line?
    How much More you could steal. And it being O.K. ?
    I say stealing is stealing no matter how small the amount.

  8. ludwig222 here’s a good opportunity to talk and teach your kids about a moral lesson and to tell them that Nalts and the gang are “just acting.”

    He didn’t really steal the stapler or lie his way into happyslips apartment. If it were all real we would have seen the footage of Nalts on C.O.P.S.

  9. it’s oveeeer?#$@#$
    i just told some willing collector about it and he was going to bid $900 on the signed photo and stapler!
    after message 14, 900 was a reasonable bid but there was no more update after feb 27! he found out it’s over and done.:(

  10. i saw at eBay that the buyer just received it March 24 and he won last March 2. typically the buyer buys autographs with bids that end much lower than $800.
    this must be the bid winner’s biggest procurement.

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