YouTube Does NYC: 7/7/07

I Tube NYC 07/07/07 logoThis is a teaser for a NYC YouTube event. I’ve been exchanging e-mails with Paul Houston from Podcasting101, and we were planning an event this summer. Yesterday morning while going to NYC it occured to me that July 7, 2007 would be perfect. It’s the weekend after 4th of July and it has a memorable date: 07/07/07. Paul’s gathering dates and posting them on

In this video Nalts gets the date wrong and finds himself doing a “One Tuber” event instead of a “One YouTube” event like San Francisco held weeks ago. More than 200 people attended that event with only a few weeks notice. So here’s hoping a big crowd will descend upon NYC.

Now we just need a hotel. And a venue. And some sponsors. And someone who can organize events. Ah, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Special thanks to the most excellent Pinaki who designed this logo with about 2 hours notice.

16 Replies to “YouTube Does NYC: 7/7/07”

  1. Nalts if you convince my parents to show up (check out Who is Nalts for parent identification I will be there. They were married 7/7/1977 so 7/7/7 is their 30th Wedding Anniversary. FYI: my parents just love NYC. They have been numerous times!!! Oh and if Nutcheese can’t make it someone better bring a blowup doll of her! LOL

  2. i think i figured out why revver is so slow,follow my link.This guy has over 1800 videos.This one is called”how to clean an LCD monitor”….whew! I just cant make it through the day without these handy tips!

  3. I have obtained surveillance footage of Nalts in New York at the One Tuber event through my contacts in the gootube conspiracy underground at will be posting it to YouTube this afternoon. Apparently Nalts wandered all the way up to a free concert in Central Park looking for other One Tubers.

  4. Funny! When you act like a lunitic in public, you’re at your best! Really nice logo, looks official.This youtube event could be like Snakes on a Plane, if people make enough videos about planning a trip to NYC for the event maybe youtube will host something?

  5. NY is further away than San Fransisco, and would most likely cost more money, since I don’t know anyone who lives there, that I could stay with. Guess I’ll just have to start saving up my pennies now, for next year, in CA. Sure would have been nice if Cory had given more than 24 hours notice for LA, and done it on a weekend. What am I saying, I had plenty of notice to meet you in LA, and I still couldn’t make it. Someone (other than me) plan one in San Diego, damn it! It’s really nice here, I promise.

  6. Not sure I can help setting anything up like hotels and stuff since I have that pain in my ass called school to worry about but I would definitely show up to meet others from youtube. Maybe I could help show people around that have never been to NYC before. I’m a ferry ride away since I live on Staten Island.

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