Make Money from Your Animated Cartoons

toonbreak.jpgIndependent animators have a new channel to promote and profit from their animated cartoons — without having to compete with ripped television cartoons.


ToonBreak is a new site that shares revenue with creators. Animators can earn money from video ads, text and banner ads, affiliate links, donations, and merchandising. All of this is currently done through third-party providers such as Revver, Google Adsense, PayPal Donations, and links the animators’ online stores.

Foudner and Independent Animator, Shawn McInerney, says ToonBreak doesn’t require exlusive content or ask for rights beyond those needed to show the videos and generate revenue.

“Since ToonBreak is dedicated to cartoons, animator’s do not have to compete with clips of drunken girls kissing/fighting/stripping,” says McInerney. “And ToonBreak is very strict with copyrights, so indy cartoons do not
compete with illegal uploads of ‘Family Guy’,”

“I created ToonBreak to provide what I have been looking for as an independent animator — an opportunity to put my cartoons in front of cartoon fans, maintain my copyrights, and generate income through as many streams as possible,” says McInerney.

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  1. Gr8.! I can’t wait to get started. I want to make tons and tons of cash. I’ve got a Range Rover Sport 07 on lay-away.

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