Who’s Winning the Search Engine Race?

Okay it’s a little off track from video, but don’t you want to know the most popular search engine and how they’re tracking? Google’s up, Yahoo’s down slightly. I have come to the realization that Google and Yahoo users are fundamentally different and should avoid each other in social situations. If you’re married to someone that uses a different search engine you may want to seek therapy. It’s like when you don’t agree on the thermostat. Trouble.
According to comScore: In January 2007, Google Sites captured 47.5 percent of the U.S. search market, gaining 0.2 share points from the previous month. Yahoo! Sites maintained its second place ranking with 28.1 percent of U.S. searches, followed by Microsoft Sites (10.6 percent), Ask Network (5.2 percent) and Time Warner Network (5.0 percent).

Oh man. Either my connection or WordPress is running ridiculously slow. Can’t blog more.

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  1. I used yahoo for all my searching till I had problems with my email so I switched to hotmail and started using google and yahoo together to find stuff. Now with gmail available I’ll be changing to that soon because it takes hotmail 2-3 hours for an email to show up and gmail is pretty much instantly in my inbox. Plus the google homepage feature is badass. I haven’t used a search engine besides google in the last year so put me in that 47.5 percent.

    You’re right that a google user shouldn’t get together with a yahoo user. I actually got into a shouting match with some guy at a bar over the subject. We were both drunk of course because who actually starts yelling “Yahoo can suck my ass!” unless you’ve had a few too many.

  2. Yep, it’s the RSS stuff on there that got me using it on a daily basis. Great to see everything there and not having to check 15 different sites for updates. I’m a sucker for the horiscope stuff on there too. I know it means shit but I still read it.

  3. I can honesly say ive NEVER used msn search…

    Its rubbish, usually comes up with a load of crap thats nothing to do with what you searched, and it doesnt have any of the pretty features that google has.

    Yahoo! works pretty slow on everyones computer here, something to do with the firewall I guess. But I’d use google anyways.

    I did used to use Altavosta a lot though.

    I’ve never used Ask Jeeves thing, despite it having tons of TV advertising over here. Ive seen an occasional advert for Yahoo! on tv as well, never one for Google though

  4. See, I like Google Homepage, but it takes 3 seconds to load every time I go there… It’s not my connection either, it does the same thing at the office. When I’m searching for something, I don’t have 3 seconds to wait! 3 seconds in internet time is like 9 seconds in the real world…

  5. Google provides limited search results.yahoo is superior because even if it cant find a webpage for your search,it will provide a link to follow.*Whats up with revver? I keep getting this message constantly:”500 Internal Server Error.Timeout Error:
    Our servers are a little stressed out right now.
    We’re working on it..! Thanks for your patience.
    Go back to the previous page.
    Go to the home page. ” The whole website is unusable,i cant upload videos, or even view any.Any word on 3.0 or whatever # they’re up to?

  6. RE Revver: Working fine for me

    It does throw up 500 errors from time to time. Give it 5 minutes. It just gets hormonal. You see Comment10, an online video site is much like a beautiful woman…….

  7. It bleeds once a month?

    Sorry, I know it was bad of me to say that but it was the first thing to pop into my head and I happen to be in a immature mood today.

  8. I went from webcrawler straight to google. tried yahoo a few times, too messy. Google’s nice and clean. All that buzy stuff on yahoo makes me forget what I was searching for.

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