Prank Vote: Decide Ernie’s Next Humiliation

prankvote.jpgPoor Ernie. His friendly roommates play pranks on him non-stop, and document them on We’re not sure they’re all real, but we don’t care.

In Library pervert, the guys replace Ernie’s Windows startup sound with porn sounds, and then put “art” books in his bag so the alarm goes off as he leaves the library. In Toothbrush Bandit we see a toothbrush’s journey before returning to Ernie’s mouth… including a trip up a tree with a squirrel.

Courtesy of Zack Scott from Whose art, according to this Nalts fan video, I influence heavily.

15 Replies to “Prank Vote: Decide Ernie’s Next Humiliation”

  1. Man, those are cruel jokes. At some point, they’re going to drive Ernie to homicide.

    I wonder if it’s real.
    Ernie didn’t have any toothpaste on his toothbrush when they asked him to demo how he brushes his teeth and his reaction to the salty tea didn’t seem real to me.

  2. It’s probably not real (come on now, if it was real then “ernie” would’ve lost it a long time ago).

    It’s still fucking hilarious though!

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