Nightmare on Madison Avenue

“Nightmare on Madison Avenue.” That’s how MediaWeek referred to a study conducted jointly by Microsoft and Starcom, with help from researcher Millward Brown.

The report, Lifestyles of the Ad Averse, found that between 10 percent and 15 percent of adults 17-35 fall into the category of “ad avoiders” i.e. folks that don’t like advertising, and generally find it “annoying.” Apparently we “ad avoiders” come in two flavors. Passive avoiders who simply can’t be bothered with ads. And active avoiders, whose message to advertisers is “be good or be gone.”

I’m sorry I can’t provide you any more details on the article because I found a really cool banner ad on MediaWeek for the Clio Awards.

5 Replies to “Nightmare on Madison Avenue”

  1. Yea I so believe that. I’m 31 and I’m not a fan of adverts unless they are really great. If the show I want to watch is not Tivo’d I’m not big into watching commercials with the show!

  2. Im 19 and I love adverts!!!

    If they’re targetted, i.e. im looking at something techy, and theres an advert on the page for then Im 90% likely to click it!

    I mean yeah, the rubbish ones online really p*** me off, like ”you have instantly won $10m and an Ipod, click here” but the genuine adverts are usually useful.

    I will admit, im more a fan of the affiliate type adverts, than google Ad Sense.

    Which are you Nalts? Opposition or Supporter?

  3. I’m 23 and I don’t mind adverts as long as they aren’t extremely frequent like some are on TV. Only time I get really pissed at them is on Thursday nights when I’m watching The Office. The show ends up being 20 mins long because the other 10 mins is all commericals.

    Stuff from websites I’ll click if the company is legit because I know taking those 2 secs to click an ad will help someone make a little extra money. I consider it my good deed of the day. I agree with Liam, the “you have won blah blah blah” ones are annoying as fucking hell. I would have to add all of my friends(ages 21-23) to the ad avoiders list. They can’t stand them at all.

  4. I don’t care if it’s funny or interesting I’ll watch the ad and forget the product –

    but let me take this opportunity to say thanks Nalts for this blog, I feel so cutting edge 🙂

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