Sirius and XM Merge

If Sirius and XM can merge, what’s ahead for online video? Not much for now.

It’s unfortunate that there would be a merger in a space where consumers would benefit from competition. And yet there remains a proliferation of consumer-generated video sites — most of whom don’t attract enough eyeballs to exist alone.

Still, the barriers to entry and huge cost of running satellite radio (think about the Howard Stern contract alone) make it impossible to exist without rapid market growth or mergers. Online video sites are relatively inexpensive to launch and manage.

When will video sites merge, then? When one or more cut strong distribution deals that take them beyond the Internet.

If Yahoo Video and, say, Verizon are tight… if YouTube and Cingular joined forces… then smaller sites will have to “toss in the towel.” Can’t beat ’em? Join them.

Go secure upstream deals, video sites! That (coupled with good content and traffic) is your only hope.

4 Replies to “Sirius and XM Merge”

  1. Hows about you start up a competition for the person to predict the date of the partnership or bankruptcy of YouTube, AOL uncut, Yahoo video, LiveVideo or soapbox.

  2. I love my XM radio. I hope this merger will keep satellite radio up and running!

    And as for the bubble busting I don’t think it’s too far off! Just wait till presidential candidates start annoucing they are running on online videos! OOPS! BUSTED! LOL

  3. XM radio rules, I used to listen to Virgin on my computer via XM radio Think I used AOL and that other popular media player. Now though I just stick to youtube, it prevents me listening to music while on the computer.

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